Blog Phobia

Ok. So. Here it is, another blog……. So. What is it exactly I’m supposed to write? Maybe if I just keep typing I’ll think of something funny to say…..nope I got nothing. Oh these blogs I just can’t seem to get the hang of them, and I am quite afraid of writing one as the title of this post may have subtly hinted. But in saying that, I think it probably is a good thing to do to just get over my irrational fear of blogging. Personally, it always feels like public speaking and I feel like everything I write is so forced and unnatural. What’s worse is I ALWAYS go back over blog posts that I have written and cringe at what I’ve written and I usually delete said posts, and then go onto to delete said blogs. Oi, it seems so easy but for me it really is not.  How do all these bozos do it so effortlessly? Is there something wrong with me? Am I Bloggingly disabled? No no no that is silly. I’m just being a big baby. However, I think I need to set myself some ground rules to ensure that I don’t go down the same route as I have before, that route being that I write a blog for about a week and then get terrified that someone might actually read it and shut it down. No, I refuse to let that happen. So, where do I start with these unbreakable, irreversible rules….

1. No Deleting of Posts – if I post something that’s it, it stays there forever *breaks out into cold sweat*

2. Don’t try so Hard – Have fun, be natural, stop trying to impress people * Sweat dripping out of every pore*

3. Try and get people to read your blog – Who knows maybe people will like it! *Passes out and pees pants*

Well that was only a little bit terrifying. Ok so, I am going to stick to these rules, get over my fear of Blogging and get my music career off the ground and probably have lots of panic attacks, bouts of crippling self-doubt, spells of blogging related depression but hopefully some fun too. Really really hopefully.   Well I think that’s enough for one post. Oh I thought of one more rule, but this one is a bit more flexible so it doesn’t have to be in with the other ones. I want to try to do a blog post at least once a week. that’s not too much at all. Sorted.

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